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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Food, Song, and Dance Got Started

I used to be a performer before I broke my leg during a performance.  Yes, that is right, I broke my leg in a play.  (Insert joke here).  During my recovery I started baking.  I fell head over heels in love with the smells of sweet breads and pastries!  Ah, fond memories!  While I was baking I would sing.  Carols would boom out from my lungs, caressing the air and soothing the pastries.  I soon started to realize that when I sang, my baked goodies would turn out better!  To this day I cannot figure out why they do (I have sought out professionals in the area, trust me) turn out so well, but they do.  When my leg was healed I did not return to the theater, instead I stayed in the kitchen, singing to my cakes.  But, my did I long to dance. . . Of course I did dance, I did everyday, but I wanted to dance more, more, and more.  I also wanted to bake, bake, bake!  So, I decided, why can't I bake and dance at the same time?  I mean really why? The truth is I can, and it was genius (if I do say so myself, which I do) So I started with breads instead of kneading the breads with my hands, I started dancing on the dough.  (I washed my feet, deodorized them, and rubbed them good and down with Splenda.) After dancing and singing to the loaves, I called my husband in.  Together, we ceremonially placed the loaf in the oven.  Together we sat before the oven and waited for the bread to have baked.  When we took it out the loaf was beautiful! After it was cooled, we sat down, with two cups of hot water (with just a tid bit of lemon juice) and tried my bread, IT WAS DELICIOUS!  I then decided that the world needed to know about how food, song, and dance complimented each other so well!