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Saturday, April 16, 2011

No More Walking on Sunshine, try Dancing on Bread!

This is a modified recipe to how I got such great results, my first time dancing on bread!
1.  Make the dough (sing to it, while you make it for best results.)
2. Spread out dough on baking sheet
3.  Wash feet with soap and water
4.  Disinfect feet with an anti-bacterial wash
5.  Deodorize your feet (we do NOT want smelly bread!)
6.  Take several packets of Splenda, open and place in bowl (I use Splenda opposed to sugar because Splenda takes longer to dissolve.) rub the Splenda on feet to get dead skin off.
7.  Wash off
8.  Wash feet with soap once more
OPTIONAL STEP:  Wrap baking sheet and dough in plastic wrap for more cleanliness!
9. Dance and Sing for a few minutes
10. Bake!

I hope this helps you make the bread of your dreams!

Much Much Love,


  1. Oh this is good!
    Martha Dowd,

  2. I'm not sure who is funnier, Nina or that Chocolate Lady.

  3. @ Stephanie Why thank you! Stay tuned for an exclusive interview and please subscribe, tweet, and share!