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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hummus: A New Approach

One rainy day I thought to myself,
I could really use something tasty to eat!  
So I went to the bathroom cupboard and what did I see? Nothing less of garbanzo beans!  Yum, Yum, Yummidy Yum Yum!  There is nothing this golly old camper loves more than delicious hummus made from an organic can of garbanzo beans!  
So was going to throw the garbanzo beans in the food processor like most people would- but then it occurred to me, I didn't have a food processor!  And, even if this dear old Nina did, I don't think I would because cats only rain on Barcelona if you catch my drift.  So I put the beans in a big bowl, set it on the floor, washed my feet and started dancing! It started out an Irish jig, but quickly turned into a slow, romantic waltz.  Oh My!  The squishy feeling of the beans being pushed through my feet was so enjoyable!  People would pay thousands for that kind of massage at a spa, but all I needed was a can of beans, a bowl, and a pair of callused feet!  So I danced and danced like a donkey in a parade and when I was done the hummus was completed!  I sprinkled some spices and drizzled some lemon juice and I was done, viola! Kartik, my lovely husband, and I enjoyed a delicious lunch with the sounds of mm-ms and ewes drifting from our tree house to the next!  


  1. this is hilarious! I love Nina!

  2. @Anonymous
    Nina loves you too! Stay tuned for my next posting where I interview Hannah Hart, the youtuber known for her comedic videos, "My Drunk Kitchen"! Hope to see you next posting!

    Love with all my heart,
    Nina Rochland